This Native American environmental impact assessment study took place between in the early 1980s. This study focused on understanding the potential impacts construction of 500+kV transmission lines from a coal burning power plant in central Utah to southern California would have on Native American resources. This project produced three reports that focus on different segments of the transmission line corridor. This collection includes four reports, project photographs, and interviews with tribal representatives. A map also has been provided to show the project study area.

In addition to the ethnographic reports produced for this collection, the following articles and book chapters were produced:

Stoffle, R. W., M. Jake, P. Bunte, and M. Evans
1982 Southern Paiute People’ SIA Responses to Energy Proposals. In C. Geisler (et al. eds.) Indian SIA: The Social Impact Assessment of Rapid Resource Development on Native Peoples. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan, Natural Resources Sociology Research Lab, Monograph #3. Pp. 107-134.

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