• The Role of the Health Sector in Suicides Among Farmers in India

      Singh, Priya (The University of Arizona., 2010-05)
      Mental health in rural communities is a poorly understood global health issue. India represents an important case study for this phenomenon with a worrisome number of farm workers having taken their lives each year. This paper seeks to untangle the contextual factors that lead to such high suicide rates including the economic and political influences on the agricultural sector and the physical and mental strain on farmers in general. It also examines the state of rural and mental health in India and compares the suicide cases in India with those of other nations. This study was accomplished through a thorough review of literature published in the past two decades. The literature reviews suggests that owing to the risks and uncertainties associated with their occupation, farmers are at greater risk for suicide regardless of location. Additionally, there seems to be a large gap in rural mental health and rural health in general that could largely decrease suicide rates if mended. Targeting this group with health services is thus a global health imperative.