• Solar Powered Irrigation Pumping Experiment

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    • Trends in Arizona Water Service Organizations: A Comparative Summary

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    • An Examination of the Buckhorn-Mesa Watersheds Environmental Impact Statement (U.S.D.A., S.C.S., 1978): A Look at State-of-the-Art Reports

      Altshul, Dale A.; Water Resources Research Center, University of Arizona, Tucson (Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science, 1979-04-13)
      The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 was written with the intent of fostering a spirit of harmony in the day to day operations of Federal agencies with the environmental concerns voiced by the general populace. To examine how Federal agencies have assimilated E.I.S. procedures and guidelines a typical report was reviewed. In general, compliance with environmental law and procedural guidelines was found to be adequate. In some ways, particularly in assessment of Cultural Resource Impact, the statement was exceptional in its evaluation. However, the sections of the report detailing the benefits and costs of the alternatives was not up to the standards expected in an E.I.S. Because the benefits and costs were not calculated in consistent units and the no action alternative was not adequately examined, the entire alternatives section is called to question. By re-evaluating the data provided in the E.I.S. in consistent units, it was found that the alternative selected had neither the highest benefit/ cost ratio nor the lowest environmental impact. It is concluded that alternatives should be as fully evaluated as the project itself in order to integrate environmental considerations into the overall planning process.
    • Early Public Involvement in Federal Water Resource Projects

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    • Winter Precipitation on a Southeastern Arizona Rangeland Watershed

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