• Assessing the Significance of Evapo-Sublimation in Northern Arizona

      Avery, Charles C.; Dexter, Leland R.; Northern Arizona University (Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science, 1991-04-20)
      Climatic data for twenty-one winters was used to construct an index in order to assess the significance of evapo-sublimation at Flagstaff, Arizona. Large intra- and inter-annual variability was noted in the record using both uncorrected monthly index values and values corrected for the relative importance of snow. 1967-68 un- corrected sublimation opportunity index (SOI) values and similar values for both 1982-1983 and 1984-1986 appear to indicate that those winters either had unusually high snowpack evapo-sublimation losses, or were years of low "basin efficiencies". Evapo-sublimation opportunity might be tracked as a climate element for high elevational snowzones which contribute significantly to a regional water supply.