• Impact of Herbicides on Cacti

      Crosswhite, Franks S.; Feldman, William R.; Minch, Edwin W.; University of Arizona, Boyce Thompson Southwest Arboretum; Arizona Department of Agriculture (University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1995-12)
      The effects of nine herbicides were evaluated on five species of cacti selected to be congeneric with species classified as rare, threatened or endangered. Experimental plants were monitored at monthly intervals for survival and vigor for either six or sixteen months after herbicide treatment, depending on the overall condition of the untreated controls of each species. The severity of herbicide impact varied among active ingredients from lethality to virtually no effect. Some herbicides resulted in slow decline of treated plants, while for other herbicides most damage occurred within a short time after treatment. Some treated plants were observed to recover from herbicide damage, especially with paraquat. A wide variety of factors, both environmental as well as anatomical and physiological characteristics of the test plants are important in determining how a given plant will respond to herbicide exposure.