• Flora of the Pinaleno Mountains, Graham County, Arizona

      Johnson, William Theodore; Arizona State University (University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1988)
      The Pinaleno Mountains lie between the San Simon and Sulphur Springs Valleys in southeastern Arizona. The Pinalenos are one of three mountain ranges in Graham County managed by the Coronado National Forest. Forest Service management of this range is currently at a crossroads. Either a strict preservation policy will prevail or the development of an astrophysical observatory will be allowed. The most notable features of the Pinalenos, the third highest range in Arizona, are the abundance of perennial streams and the significant elevational range of 2050 m (6,720 ft.) on the northeast slope. Recognized in the study area of this northwest-southeast oriented range are six habitats: Aquatic/Semi-aquatic, Isolated Rock Outcrops, Mixed Conifer Forest, Mountain Meadows, Ponderosa Pine Forest, and Woodland. Documented vascular plant resources consist of 449 taxa including 4 taxa of subspecific rank and 438 species in 306 genera and 95 families.