• The Genus Bursera (Burseraceae) in Sonora, Mexico and Arizona, U.S.A.

      Johnson, Matthew B.; University of Arizona (University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 1992)
      Bursera is a conspicuous component of the vegetation of Sonora, Mexico. This paper delineates the species of Bursera in the states of Sonora and Arizona and provides identification and descriptions including information on their distribution, habitat, morphology, phenology, and cultivation. There are 10 species of Bursera in Sonora: B. arborea, B. fagaroides, B. grandifolia, B. hindsiana, B. lancifolia, B. laxiflora, B. microphylla, B. penicillata, B. simaruba and B. stenophylla. Two species, B. fagaroides and B. micro - phylla, extend into Arizona. The ten species in Sonora and Arizona occur in desertscrub, thornscrub, tropical deciduous forest and lower oak woodland. Plant stature, leaf size and number of species decrease from southeast to northwest across Sonora. Several species of Bursera are suitable for horticulture. Further study is required to determine the taxonomic relationships of several species.
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