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dc.descriptionComplete issue of the Proceedings of the 1972 Meetings of the Arizona Section - American Water Resources Assn. and the Hydrology Section - Arizona Academy of Science - May 5-6, 1972, Prescott, Arizonaen_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsAn Investigation of Colorado River Trips: A User Study; Hydrology as a Science?; An Analysis of Yearly Differences in Snowpack Inventory-Prediction Relationships; Design and Pilot Study of an Arizona Water Information System; Man-Nature Attitudes of Arizona Water Resource Leaders; The Groundwater Supply of Little Chino Valley; Subsidence Damage in Southern Arizona; Groundwater Contamination in the Cortaro Area, Pima County, Arizona; Transmissivity Distribution in the Tucson Basin Aquifer; An Evaluation of Current Practices in Seepage Control; Color It Evaporation; Some Legal Problems of Urban Runoff; Converting Chaparral to Grass to Increase Streamflow; Weather Modification in Arizona, 1971; Saline and Organic Water Pollution; Collective Utility of Exchanging Treated Sewage Effluent for Irrigation and Mining Water; Effect of a Grass and Soil Filter on Tucson Urban Runoff: A Preliminary Evaluation; Nitrogen Species Transformations of Sewage Effluent Releases in a Desert Stream Channel; Evaluation of a Turfgrass - Soil System to Utilize and Purify Municipal Waste Water; Input Specifications to a Stochastic Decision Model; Role of Modern Methods of Data Analysis for Interpretation of Hydrologic Data in Arizona; A Solution to Small Sample Bias in Flood Estimation; The Construction of a Probability Distribution for Rainfall on a Watershed by Simulation; Significance of Antecedent Soil Moisture to a Semiarid Watershed Rainfall-Runoff Relation; Objective and Subjective Analysis of Transition Probabilities of Monthly Flow on an Ephemeral Stream; A Proposed Model for Flood Routing in Abstracting Ephemeral Channels; Bed Material Characteristics and Transmissions Losses in an Ephemeral Stream; Water Disposition in Ephemeral Stream Channelsen_US
dc.publisherArizona-Nevada Academy of Scienceen_US
dc.rightsCopyright ©, where appropriate, is held by the author.en_US
dc.subjectHydrology -- Arizona.en_US
dc.subjectWater resources development -- Arizona.en_US
dc.subjectHydrology -- Southwestern states.en_US
dc.subjectWater resources development -- Southwestern states.en_US
dc.titleHydrology and Water Resources in Arizona and the Southwest, Volume 2 (1972)en_US
dc.identifier.journalHydrology and Water Resources in Arizona and the Southwesten_US
dc.description.collectioninformationThis issue is part of the Hydrology and Water Resources in Arizona and the Southwest collections. Digital access to this material is made possible by the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science and the University of Arizona Libraries. For more information about items in this collection, contact

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