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dc.descriptionComplete issue of the Proceedings of the 1976 Meetings of the Arizona Section - American Water Resources Assn. and the Hydrology Section - Arizona Academy of Science - April 29-May 1, 1976, Tucson, Arizonaen_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsArizona Water: Uses and Sources Past, Present, and Future; Politics of Water in Arizona; Water in Arizona: A Reporter's History; Water for Food, Energy and Municipal Use in the Colorado Basin: A Consumer-Environmental Perspective; The Prejudices, Polemics, and Politics of Water Management Versus the Reasonable Man Test; Systematic Assessment of Uncertainties in an Environmental Impact Statement; NAIWMC - Potential in the Southwest; The Role of the States in Control of Weather Modification; Water-Related Information Sources: Highlights; Preliminary Results from a Study of Coal Mining Effects on Water Quality of the Tongue River, Wyoming; Evaluating Water Quality Sampling Schedules Using Fecal Coliform Concentrations in Sabino Creek; Future Effects of the CAP on Lake Havasu's Thermal Regime; Water Quality Study of Lake Havasu, Arizona Near the CAP Intake Area; Past Mining Activities and Water Quality in the Lynx Creek Watershed; Water Quality of Streamflow from Forested Watersheds on Sedimentary Soils; Equilibrium Condition and Sediment Transport in an Ephemeral Mountain Stream; Erosion and Sedimentation in the Upper Gila Drainage, A Case Study; Addition of a Carbon Pulse to Stimulate Denitrification in Soil Columns Flooded with Sewage Water; Academic Training for Groundwater Quality Specialists; Application of a Double Triangle Unit Hydrograph to a Small Semiarid Watershed; Simulation of Partial Area Response from a Small Semiarid Watershed; Use of Satellite Data to Develop Snowmelt-Runoff Forecasts in Arizona; The Effect of an Intensive Summer Thunderstorm on a Semiarid Urbanized Watershed; Determining Areal Precipitation in the Basin and Range Province of Southern Arizona - Sonoita Creek Basin; Geomorphic Thresholds and Their Influence on Surface Runoff from Small Semiarid Watersheds; Lysimeter Snowmelt in Arizona Ponderosa Pine Forests; An Energy Budget Analysis of Evapotranspiration from Saltcedar; Chlorofluorocarbons as Hydrologic Tracers, A New Technology; Application of Carbon-14 Ground-Water Ages in Calibrating a Flow Model of the Tucson Basin Aquifer, Arizona; Evaluation of Recharge Through Soils in a Mountain Region: A Case Study on the Empire and the Sonoita Basins; Resolutions of Analog Rainfall Records Relative to Chart Scales; Construction, Calibration and Operation of a Monolith Weighing Lysimeter; A Multiobjective Approach to Managing a Southern Arizona Watershed; Planning Models of an Irrigated Farm with Limited Water; A Method for Maximizing the Present Value of a Groundwater Resource; On the Modeling and Computational Aspects of Dynamic Programming with Applications in Reservoir Control; Reservoir Design under Random Sediment Yield; Optimal Livestock Production of Rehabilitated Mine Lands; Laboratory Weathering of Water-Repellent Wax-Treated Soil; Stock-Water Harvesting with Wax on the Arizona Strip; Mathematical Modelling of a Forward Osmosis Extractor; Feasibility of Using Solar Energy for Irrigation Pumping; Study of the Adequacy of the Water Supply for the Carefree-Cave Creek Area; Windbreaks May Increase Water Yield from the Grassland Islands in Arizona's Mixed Conifer Forestsen_US
dc.publisherArizona-Nevada Academy of Scienceen_US
dc.rightsCopyright ©, where appropriate, is held by the author.en_US
dc.subjectHydrology -- Arizona.en_US
dc.subjectWater resources development -- Arizona.en_US
dc.subjectHydrology -- Southwestern states.en_US
dc.subjectWater resources development -- Southwestern states.en_US
dc.titleHydrology and Water Resources in Arizona and the Southwest, Volume 6 (1976)en_US
dc.identifier.journalHydrology and Water Resources in Arizona and the Southwesten_US
dc.description.notePage 68 is an unnumbered blank page in the original.en_US
dc.description.collectioninformationThis issue is part of the Hydrology and Water Resources in Arizona and the Southwest collections. Digital access to this material is made possible by the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science and the University of Arizona Libraries. For more information about items in this collection, contact

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