• 2012 Sorghum Silage Variety Trial at Maricopa

      Loper, Shawna; Ottman, Mike; Ottman, Michael J.; School of Plant Sciences / Maricopa Ag Center, University of Arizona (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), 2013-05)
      Nine varieties of silage sorghum and one pearl millet variety were tested at the Maricopa Agricultural Center in Maricopa, AZ. Information on silage sorghum yield and quality can be of use to the dairy industry and help growers choose the best varieties based on their needs. We found no significant differences among the varieties for ash, ADF, and NDF. We did find significant differences in yield with Silo 700 BMR having the highest yield with 31.62 tons/acre and GS125 having the lowest with 20.53 tons/acre. We also saw significant differences in crude protein with ExpGD having the highest (3.47%) and Silo 700 BMR (1.93%) being the lowest.