• Online Learning and Contribution to Future Work Skills

      Padilla, Charlette; UA South Educational Technology (The University of Arizona., 2015)
      The paper is a review of literature on online learning and how it prepares the digital learners into the future work force. Factors contributing to the growth in online education are linked to changing social and economic structures. The College Board Commission on Access, Admissions and Success issued a call for 55% of America’s youth to obtain a postsecondary education credential by 2025 (Bonk, 2015). This is to support and strengthen the position of the United States to be more competitive in a global economy (Burnette & Conley, 2011). There are current questions about student success, open education, informal learning, online plagiarism and principally whether online learning successfully prepare the online student for the future work skills. Keywords: online learning, workforce, digital learners, future jobs