• An Engineer's Guide to TMoIP

      Hoffman, Richard W.; GDP Space Systems (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2014-10)
      As telemetry transport systems move inexorably closer to a unified telemetry-over-IP approach, the operators and engineers who have traditionally deferred to a separate communications group can benefit from a more comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the transport medium and protocol. Ethernet, and more specifically IP network hardware, has gained increased robustness, as well as much of the reliability enhancing functionality of more venerable transport solutions, but with these increasingly integrated feature sets comes an emphasized demand on the telemetry systems operator to be able to configure the telemetry transport network devices in more dynamic environments. This paper will seek to serve as a handbook for the telemetry community, guiding discussions of the strengths, weaknesses, legacy, and future outlook of this transport methodology both within and without the groups involved in most range telemetry transport environments.