• A Modular and Extensible User Interface for the Telemetry and Control of a Remotely Operated Vehicle

      Kosbar, Kurt; Morrow, Tyler; Missouri University of Science and Technology (International Foundation for Telemetering, 2014-10)
      This paper discusses the rover engagement display (RED), an application that integrates network communication, control systems, numerical and visual analysis of telemetry, and a graphical user interface for communicating with the embedded systems of a remote vehicle. The target vehicle is a wheeled rover participating in the University Rover Challenge, a competition that observes the performance of rovers in an environment similar to that of the planet Mars. Communication with the rover occurs via a TCP connection and messages adhere to a simple protocol. The RED user interface is visually modular in an attempt to provide additional scalability and extensibility. Control algorithms, user interface design concepts, and code architecture (C#) are discussed.