• On-Board High Frequency Data Processing

      Maschhoff, Robert H.; Gultron Industries (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1974-10)
      On-board processing of high frequency analog data, such as that derived from vibration and acoustic sensors, offers the telemetry engineer three highly significant advantages over traditional fm/fm transmission of such data. When combined with PCM techniques the result is (1) bandwidth compression, (2) single rf data link, and (3) substantially higher data accuracy. In this processing technique only data representative of the power spectral density of the sensed waveform is transmitted to the ground station. By shifting the data processing function to the on-board telemetry system and transmitting only the processed data, the required transmission channel bandwidth is greatly reduced. As a result of this bandwidth compression the high frequency data can be pulse code modulated. Two significant advantages thereby ensue. The first is that data from multiple sources may now be transmitted over a single rf data link. The second advantage is that the data accuracy is greatly increased.