• The Shallow Sea-A New Challenge to Telemetry and Communication

      Werner, Edgar; Inter American University of Puerto Rico (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1974-10)
      A preliminary study of the environmental and operational parameters requisite to the design and development of low cost simplified communication and telemetry devices usable in the shallow waters of continental shelves is presented. Specific requirements peculiar to the needs of Ocean Resource Utilization Programs in underdeveloped countries lacking both economic and technological capabilities for using current off the shelf devices are outlined. The environment in which this equipment must operate is defined, first physically and then subjectively, and operational aspects of this type of endeavor are described in terms of the individuals involved. Finally, some design parameters are suggested with a general consideration of the potential market as these programs increase in scope and number. It is hoped that feedback from this paper will generate future specific designs and quantitative criteria on which to base more detailed development work.