• Volunteer Medical Engineers Can Aid Physicians and Hospitals in Telemetry Purchases and Tests

      Jackman, K. R. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1974-10)
      Inasmuch as this 'ITC/USA/’74’ paper may be on a unique subject in the medical field, an attempt will be made to cover, with references and bibliography, sufficient background to identify some serious hospital and medical problems, with possible technical solutions. Most of these solutions involve the use of trained and experienced Medical (or Clinical) Engineers and Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMET) in hospitals, clinics, and equipment servicing laboratories. The use of volunteer 'Med. Engrs’, as a public-service of the ACTION groups in each city, will be proposed to solve the local hospital needs for technical performance specifications in purchasing 'vital’ medical instruments, such as the 'ECG’ telemetry systems common to local hospitals. Even greater need for low-cost medical-care exists in many 'developing’ countries, such as India. The writer makes a plea, using Med. Engrs. methods developed and successfully used in Los Angeles in the last three-years, to bring graduate (medically-oriented and trained) engineers, seeking employment into hospitals in their own towns. A 'pilot’ program will be reviewed, using 'ACTION’ professional volunteers in San Diego hospitals, to set an example for 'Med.Engrs’ retrained in Madras, India, to enter their local hospitals, and thereby select techniques for use in other Indian cities.