• An Integrated PCM Data System for Full Scale Aeronautics Testing

      Reynolds, Don R.; Ames Research Center (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1974-10)
      An integrated PCM data system is being developed at Ames Research Center to gather test data on advanced STOL propulsive lift, VTOL, rotary wing, and V/STOL control systems concepts as they pass through wind-tunnel, test-stand, flight-simulator and flight-test phases. Identical airborne signal conditioning and PCM encoding is used on test aircraft and wind tunnel models. An 80,000 word/second PCM installation will be the first "all PCM" instrumented rotary wing development project. The system uses both dedicated and time-shared computers for fast data analysis with maximum use of resources. This system development shows one way to bring separate data user groups together over a common data base, while sharing computing resources for minimum cost.