• Design of the Mariner Jupiter/Saturn 1977 Telemetry System

      Wood, Gordon E.; Risa, Thomas; California Institute of Technology (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1974-10)
      In 1977 NASA will launch two spacecraft to perform scientific investigations of the Jupiter and Saturn planetary systems. The science payload includes a total of 10 instruments to support both the interplanetary cruise and planetary encounter phases. These will be the first launches of a new generation of Mariner-class spacecraft designed for outer-planet missions. The telemetry system design for these missions was especially challenging because of extreme communication ranges (1.5 X 10⁹ km), high data rate requirements (up to 115.2 kb/s), and more stringent data quality requirements than previous Mariner missions. This paper discusses the evolution and design of the Mariner Jupiter/Saturn 1977 telemetry system and presents the performance anticipated therefrom.