• Method for Calculating the Pre-Emphasis Schedule for an FM/FM Telemetry System Based on Optimum Performance

      Rosen, Charles; Microcom Corporation (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1974-10)
      This paper will describe a system for calculating the pre-emphasis schedule and the required receiver IF bandwidth for FM/FM Telemetry Systems (Frequency Division Multiplexing. An investigation of the procedures presently in use, disclose that system engineers calculate their system pre-emphasis based on the 3/2 Power Law, for proportional bandwidth systems and a 6 db per octave taper for constant bandwidth systems. Systems using both proportional and constant bandwidth channels are usually left to empirical methods. The total deviation and the receiver bandwidth is assumed using empirical values previously found successful. So far, an investigation has not shown any exact technical basis for the selection of the total deviation or the receiver bandwidth to be utilized in a system.