• A Central Controller/Display System with Real Time Processing for Remote Data Acquisition Units

      Prichard, Guy D.; Teledyne Controls Company (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1974-10)
      A flexible Data Management and Display Unit (DMDU) has been developed as part of the On-Board Data System developed for the 40' x 80' Wind Tunnel at Ames Research Center. The DMDU can be operated as a slave to a Systems Engineering Laboratories Model SEL-840MP computer or as a standalone system receiving instructions from an operator via data terminal/keyboard inputs. It is capable of controlling the acquisition data from four data acquisition units at software selectable word rates of 250 to 125,000 words per second in increments of 50 words per second. The number of remote acquisition units can be expanded to twenty-nine units providing data point capacity in excess of 10,000 channels. Acquired data can be distributed in real time to the host computer (SEL-840MP), a bar graph CRT display (up to 128 data points), a strip chart recorder (up to 3Z data points), to one or both of two analog magnetic tape recorders (BI0/ -L or DM-M format) or to a PDP-11/05 minicomputer for data processing in real time. The DMDU can be utilized as a "quick-look" playback facility for the playback and display of data previously recorded on magnetic tapes in any of the standard IRIG PCM formats. It receives initialization information consisting of the remote acquisition units and data point address, amplifier gain, each data points required sampling rate and the data output destination entered locally via punched paper tape or from the SEL-840MP computer. Resident software generates a "master sampling format" with sub-commutation and super-commutation as required. Embedded within the master cycle are the minor cycle sampling formats for the individual recorder outputs, complete with software controllable fram ' e synchronization patterns. Conversion from the data acquisition mode to the data playback or data reduction mode can be performed dynamically under interrupt control.