• Firmware Controlled, High Speed, Random Data Acquisition Unit

      Trover, William F.; Teledyne Controls Co. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1974-10)
      A firmware controlled, integrated data acquisition unit for computer controlled or standalone operation reduces the users Data Acquisition system programming task to preparation of a parameter list in IBM card deck format. Data cycle format generation is accomplished on a host computer which produces program tapes for the Data Acquisition system's field erasable PROM format memory. The completely random data system can be programmed for a wide spectrum of data cycle sizes. Cycle rate can be remotely controlled in flight permitting the operator to select any of 256 word rates from 244 WPS to 125,000 WPS. Analog and digital signal conditioning can be included in the unit which also provides excitation power for all conventional sensors. Sensor capacity is from 44 to 352 channels depending on the type of signal conditioning required for a specific application. Up to eleven of over 20 different types of signal conditioner/ multiplexer I/O modules, plus the overhead modules and the system power supplies, may be accommodated at one time in a package of less than 450 cu in. (4" x 8" x 14"). All I/O cards and modules regardless of type are interchangeable at any of the eleven I/O locations in the unit housing. A miniature data display module which can be mounted in any standard cockpit control console permits the pilot or test engineer to have real time access during flight to any data point in the system. Two or more data systems may be used at remote locations in the same aircraft in synchronized operation to accommodate higher data throughput rates without increasing recorder bandwidth requirements by recording separate serial data streams on parallel tracks of a single multi-track recorder. Ground support equipment permits sensor installation, calibration and system checkout without the need for aircraft ground power or finalization of a sampling format for a test flight. Interchanging the Standalone Timing Module with a Digital Processor Module permits the Data Acquisition Unit to become a remotely controlled bidirectional data processor of a larger system performing both data acquisition and control loop functions.