• A Technique for Measuring the Behavior of a Navigational Buoy

      Babb, Lowell V.; Wilmarth, Robert W.; Budridge, Gerald J.; Transportation Systems Center; U.S. Coast Guard (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1971-09)
      A prototype instrumentation package has been designed and fabricated to furnish quantitative information about the stability of an ocean navigational buoy. A total of fourteen electro-mechanical transducers were included in the package to yield attitude, acceleration, and mooring chain tension information about the buoy. By utilizing a six channel telemetry data system and a 4-channel command telemetry system, continuous data from selected sets of transducers were recorded and used to determine the types, sensitivities, and ranges of instrumentation best suited to this application. The number of telemetry channels chosen represents the "best guess" number required in the final program which will consist of five separate instrumentation packages. By integrating the two telemetry systems in the prototype unit, a flexibility of operation was realized that yielded large amounts of useful data at a minimal cost.