• Impact of Intelligent Systems on the Telecommunication Interface

      Chien, R. T. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1977-10)
      In the next ten years, there will be a great deal of development in the area of theory and applications of intelligent systems. Some of these systems will be related to industrial automation in manufacturing and some others will be related to automation in the cockpit of aircrafts. In this paper, a major project in computer aided decision-making (CADM) will be examined in detail. This CADM System serves as a potential co-pilot for flight operations and proposed to handle many of the routine duties of the pilot. It assists the pilot in data-processing, signal detection, flight planning, navigation, obstacle avoidance, and interaction with ground and air communicators. The purpose of this paper is to examine the new environment and the impact it has in telecommunication needs in the direction of future research and development. A movie will be shown of the project demonstrations.