• Best Source Selector System

      Alday, J. R.; Fleet Analysis Center (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1977-10)
      This system was developed in order to fulfill a need existing at the Fleet Analysis Center (FLTAC) Field Station-Caribbean, Telemetry Site at Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. At the Field Station there exists four 16-foot diameter, two 8-foot diameter missile telemetry tracking systems plus a four frequency downlink Airborne Data Link (ADL) aircraft. With associated receivers, total number of video sources can be on the order of forty. Although all sources are recorded on magnetic tape and can be played back, only one or two sources can be displayed on high speed oscillographs simultaneously in "real time." The Best Source Selector System (BSSS) was developed in order to display, in real time, a continuous composite missile telemetry record which may consist of several individual sources. This System has been used continuously for the past three years for all missile telemetry operations at the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Facility (AFWTF), Puerto Rico. It has saved many man-hours of labor, searching tapes for bits and pieces of data and consequently, preliminary flight analysis and reporting to firing units (QUICKREPS) have been speeded up many fold.