• The NASA Standard Telemetry and Command Components (STACC)

      Eliott, Noel P.; Gonyea, Richard; Nostrand, Barbara; Orlowski, Ike; Valentine, William; Spacetac (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1978-11)
      The Standard Telemetry and Command Components (STACC) were conceived by NASA for use on the Multimission Modular Spacecraft. The components have wider application, however, and already are being considered for many other spacecraft. A programmable Central Unit controls Remote Interface Units via a full duplex data bus, providing data acquisition and command distribution capability throughout the spacecraft. The Central Unit can meet any uplink, time code, and format requirements without hardware changes. Each remote unit can acquire any type of data (serial digital, bi-level, analog, or passive analog) on any channel. A third type of unit is an optional interface providing I/O capability to an on-board computer. The protocols used on the 1Mbps data bus are compatible with MSFC's "Standard Interfaces for Digital Data, Multiplex Serial Data Acquisition and Distribution Systems (SIDD/MSDADS Standard)". The bus design saves significant harness weight and simplifies the single point ground and isolation approaches.