• Ruggedized Cable and Connector for Fiber Optic Systems

      Wichansky, Howard; US Army Communications Research and Development Command (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1978-11)
      Achieving a ruggedized optical fiber cable and connector is the key to implementing Army fiber optic communication systems. The paper describes the results of a series of programs to develop the required cable and connector. Efforts to incorporate low loss optical fibers into a practical cable construction as well as optical transmission and mechanical properties, environmental resistance, and cost are discussed. Resistance of the cable to moisture and temperature exposure, tensile stress, impact, bend, and twist are summarized. The paper also includes concurrent development of a fiber optic connector consistent with the military environment. The alignment factors contributing to coupling loss are presented along with various concepts being employed to achieve fiber alignment. The details of a three-sphere connector design pursued under Army contract are included.