• Pulse to Pulse Encoding in Optical Communications

      Prati, G.; Gagliardi, R.; University of Pisa; University of Southern California (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1978-11)
      Optical pulsing of a laser beam provides a convenient manner for transmitting digital information, and such procedures have led to well-accepted classes of pulse amplitude and pulse position modulation formats. However the excessive pulse dispersion and background light bursts that characterize several optical channels severely limit performance and achievable data rates. One procedure for combating these effects is to encode data over a multiple of pulse frames, and decode sequences of pulses rather than each pulse individually. In the paper pulse to pulse encoding and decoding of an optical beam is examined, considering both photodector gain effects and receiver thermal noise. Theoretical performance results are presented, and the relation between this type of decoding and "tree searching" is developed.