Bartok, Carol DiNolfo; Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1982-09)
      Network performance analysis is an essential element in the operation of the NASA Deep Space Network. The primary function of the Deep Space Network is to support the communication, radio navigation and radio science needs of the flight project users. As a part of Network Control Center Operations, it is the task of the Performance Analysis Group to provide the Network with the analysis support required to assure that actual Network performance meets or exceeds committed levels throughout the mission. The Performance Analysis Group provides time-critical monitoring and analysis for the Tracking, Telemetry and Command Systems of the Deep Space Network. The group is organized into units that are specialized to provide the functional requirements of each system. It provides failure analysis to determine causes of Network failures and data outages, as well as providing technical assistance to the operations organization for recovery from failures. It generates the predictions used to point the antennas, acquire the radio frequency, and to validate the monitored Network performance. Also, it provides technical interfaces with the user projects as required for the smooth running of the operation. As a result of this specialized expertise, complex and time-critical problems that arise receive an immediate decision-making response.