Sullivan, James F.; Ford Aerospace & Communications Corporation (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1982-09)
      Recent policy statements from senior Air Force personnel places a high priority on the survivability of “deliverable products” from space systems, throughout the conflict spectrum. The timely delivery of these products is dependent on the endurability of the spacecraft, the bit-stream carrying the products, and the ground terminals. Transportable/Mobile Terminals afford a viable option to provide a control segment that can be balanced with the endurability of the space and user segments. This paper examines Transportable/Mobile Terminals whose mission is to provide tracking, telemetry and command support to mission satellites through the conflict spectrum. The role and relationship of TMT’s in the totality of the Satellite Command and Control architecture is discussed in an operational, as well as technical, context. Topics of discussion include threats and countermeasures, sensitivity of design to requirements, the impact of satellite autonomy and the relationship of TMT’s to other planned improvements to the Satellite Command and Control architecture.