KYRIAXOPOULOS, NICHOLAS; Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science The George Washington University (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1982-09)
      An experimental secure, global, data collection system for possible use in international nuclear safeguards has been built and it is undergoing testing and evaluation. The system known by the acronym RECOVER (REmote COntinual VERification), is designed to monitor the operating status of containment and surveillance instrumentation used in nuclear facilities subject to international safeguards. The uniqueness of the design is based on the intended use of the system by an international organization operating as a guest of national entities, with the sensors residing in host facilities while the data collection remains under the control of the international organization. This paper describes the impact of a unique set of technical, economic, political and operational constraints on all aspects of the system design, and it presents the results of an internationally conducted test of the data acquisition features of the system.