Peterson, Colonel Peter; HQ., Air Force Satellite control Facility (AFSCF) (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1982-09)
      The AFSCF as a common user net is a key element in the future space architecture. Space is transitioning from a R & D role to an operational role as the operating command integrate space systems into their mission systems. Because of the increasing dependence of operating commands on space systems, survivability of those elements is an additional requirement along with improved mission capability. The AFSCF will continue to support the operational satellites for TT&C either as a prime or as a back-up for the foreseeable future. In addition, the AFSCF will incorporate survivability technologies such as mobility, interoperability, extremely high frequencies and satellite relay to make its survivability consistent with the other space elements. This means the ground control architecture will evolve to a centralized ground support structure for spacecraft with a high degree of onboard TT&C and mission capability which will reduce dependence on fixed ground systems.