• A High Dynamic Range Microwave Fiberoptic Link for Telemetry/Tracking Systems

      Grimes, W. Gary; Curran, Randy; Ortel Corporation; Datron Systems, Inc. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1992-10)
      This paper presents a simple, cost-effective solution that permits the antenna in a telemetry/tracking system to be placed at distances even greater than 20 km with virtually no signal degradation. By using a wideband, microwave fiberoptic link to pass the RF telemetry and tracking signals directly, the telemetry receivers can all be installed at the operator's location. In essence, the only RF equipment that needs to be installed at the antenna site is the low maintenance fiberoptic transmitter which can be placed in a ruggedized housing at the pedestal. The actual system described herein uses a hybrid approach with some telemetry receivers at the antenna site and some remoted over the fiberoptic link. It is shown that the fiberoptic link used met and exceeded the system requirements. In addition, the design of the fiberoptic link is discussed and it is shown that the dynamic range acheivable with this fiberoptic link is considerably higher than the system requirements in this case.