• An Advanced, Programmable Data Acquisition System

      Wargo, William D.; Eckstein, Howard; Microcom Corporation (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1992-10)
      The MicroDAS-1000 is an airborne Data Acquisition System (DAS) designed to meet the growing needs of airframe manufacturers for extensive test data accumulation, processing and evaluation. As such, the system has been designed with emphasis on modularity, miniaturization and ease of operator usage and expansion. The MicroDAS product line includes a series of components used as building blocks to configure systems of virtually any size. The modular design of these components allows considerable latitude to the instrumentation engineer in configuring systems for simple or complex applications. The modular concept has been extended to the design of plug-in modules for different functional requirements and system applications. All units are under software control to allow rapid reconfiguration and setup as requirements for instrumentation and data gathering change.