• Data Rate Upgrade of the DFCS Waveform

      Walthall, David; Eglin Air Force Base (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1992-10)
      New tracking/control system requirements demand that the present DFCS/GRDCUS/MTACS data link bit rate be increased. A possible method for achieving this increase is to select two additional 31-bit chip code patterns that are orthogonal to the present chip codes, and to each other. This method will not require any more bandwidth than the present 10 MHZ used. This method suggest that each of the four chip code patterns are assigned a two bit value ie: 00, 01, 10, 11. At present, the two correlated chip codes represent data in a pulse position method. No data is contained in which of the two chip codes actually correlated. This new method suggest each of the four chip code patterns will still perform the pulse position modulation and provide two additional bits of data. These additional two bits of data will up the data rate of the link by 100 percent.