• Closed-Loop Tracking System Provides Reference for Data Collection Exercises

      Wallace, Keith; Weinberg, Patrick; Veda Incorporated; Wright Laboratory (AART) (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1992-10)
      A computational system was developed to support data collection for advanced airborne technology research. Basic research is conducted using a variety of sensing devices for collection of flight characteristics data from aircraft. To maximize control over as many variables as possible during research activities, a controlled aircraft tracking environment is needed to provide reference data for real-time operation and post-mission analysis. The solution to this requirement is realized with the ACMI Interface System (ACINTS). The ACINTS extracts real-time tracking data from a closed-loop telemetered tracking array, reprocesses needed parameters, provides reference data (positioning and control commands) to the sensor device, and records aircraft kinematics for later correlation with other collected data.