• The PPK Intelligent Demodulator

      Shi-Yan, Liu; Yao-Jun; XI NAN ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING INSTITUTE OF CHINA (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1992-10)
      This paper introduces a PPK intelligent demodulator used in the PCM--PPK (pulse position keying) telemetry system. It describes the basic requirement of the system for the PPK signal demodulator and analyses the insufficiancy of the full-hardware PPK demodulator. It also advances a PPK demodulating scheme based on the TMS32020 digital signal processor and a block diagram of the demodulator, states the method of detecting frame synchronization, analyses the precision of sync-building and gives the way of calculating the miss and error probability of frame sync. The result makes it clear that the demodulator based on TMS32020 has programmable feature for the bit rate and frame synchronization and realizes easily the system demand of the separate demodulating of output signals of the multi-channel receiver and then the synthesis processing of the realtime data.