Black, James A.; Science Applications International Corporation (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1992-10)
      SAIC, under contract with the Air Force Wright Laboratory, has developed and demonstrated a prototype High Speed Avionics Data Instrumentation System (HADIS). The HADIS system is designed to operate in both the laboratory and in an airborne environment. This paper briefly describes the features of the system including its ability to collect and record data at up to 13.25 MBytes per second, its ability to provide real-time processing of the data, and its ability to rapidly reconfigure its interfaces based on field programmable gate arrays. The paper discusses the need for multiple data paths within the system to allow parallel operations to take place, the need for dedicated access to the recorder subsystem, and methods for allowing selective recording based on the information content of the data. The effort was sponsored by the Test Facility Working Group to provide a common data collection system for Air Force logistics and test and evaluation facilities. The design is owned by the government and may be cost-effectively used by any government agency.