• Wideband High Performance Telemetry Tracking and Data Reception System

      Bedford, Cary C.; TT & C Systems; Datron Systems Incorporated (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1988-10)
      A 5 meter diameter wideband polarization diversity Telemetry Tracking System has been developed for Eglin Air Force Base. A single solid state feed, with no moving parts, provides autotrack and data reception in the 1435-1540 MHz and 2200-2400 MHz bands. The system consists of three tracking antennas, each mounted on separate 75 foot high towers. The antennas feature continuous rotation capability in azimuth and remotely controlled stowing mechanisms. A common console containing test equipment, multicouplers, patch panels, RF switching, boresight source and control equipment is interfaced with the three (3) tracking antennas, receiver combiner systems, and boresite antenna. The complete system features total integration of state-of-the-art feed/RF, tracking, and control system electronics with a highly versatile sub-system of telemetry receivers, combiners, RF, and wideband high level video distribution equipment.