• Digital Microwave System Mobile, All-Terrain System for Telemetry or Communications

      Strom, Robert L.; Emmenegger, J. M. (Hans); Boeing Aerospace Company; Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1988-10)
      Portable, mobile tactical microwave telemetry and/or communications systems have always been plagued with three major problems: antenna height for first fresnel zone clearance over the terrain between the two ends of the link, atmospheric multipath fading and multipath reflections from buildings, bodies of water, certain terrain features, etc. This paper describes a digital microwave system with a modular capability to add additional digital channels, analog channels or voice channels as required. A modular Baseband Processor is used, which provides multiplexing capability and modulation of high speed digital data at a bandwidth of one bit per Hz using the Duobinary Technique which also provides error detection capability without the need for adding extra bits to the stream.