• A Survays On Fading Channel Over West - Java Area for Flight Test Radio Telemetering Purposes

      Soelaiman, Adi Dharma; Pudjiastuti, Rina; Indonesian Aircraft Industry Ltd. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1988-10)
      This paper discusses one approach to determine a characteristic of West - Java's air and ground segment as a block-box to accomodate radio waves propagation, especially in L-band ranges, by evaluating both the topographical data and radio reception pattern as measured from ground based telemetry receiving-end system. All the measured signals are random and assumed to be stationair and ergodic. In order to characterize the channel for polarization diversity reception, some statistical analysis are applied to the signal strength measured of both - RHCP and LHCP components of 1531 MHz propagated waves as transmitted fr om NC212-200 PK-NZJ-aircraft. Some computer calculated correlograms of measured data are shown herewith, it is focused for a certain radio corridor at radial 265E relative to the ground based receiving antenna. More over some curves of predicted multipath gain factor are also presented to gain more theoretical back ground. When this paper is written, a further field experiments on the matter concerned is beeing conducted.