• On The Concatenation of Self-Orthogonal Codes

      Wu, W. W.; COMSAT Labs (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1975-10)
      The concatenation of convolutional self-orthogonal codes with threshold decoding is suggested on the basis of extensive error run length statistical observations at the outputs of the decoders. Simulation results are reported and some discussion is provided.
    • Terrestrial TT&C Data Processing for the COMSTAR and MARISAT Systems

      Cooperman, R. S.; Parker, H. L.; Wallace, R. W.; COMSAT Labs (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1975-10)
      Terrestrial TT&C data processing for the COMSTAR and MARISAT commercial communications satellites is provided by two earth stations operating in conjunction with a system control center (SCC). The system is configured to operate in a highly centralized manner, with the SCC monitoring and exercising direct control over the synchronous operational satellites. The design approach has consisted of developing a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective system with minimum operational manpower requirements. The system has been designed to be capable of continuous collection and monitoring of data from several satellites, collection and processing of range/track data for orbital determination, and exercising remote control over the earth station configuration from the SCC. Each earth station is linked to the SCC by a single dedicated telephone channel for full simultaneous duplex voice, TTY, and PCM data traffic.