• Tape Tracking and Handling for Magnetic Tape Recorders

      Paroby, Walter; DiSilvestre, Raymond; NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1975-10)
      One of the critical performance and life limiting elements of a spacecraft tape recorder instrumentation system which has received little attention in technical literature is magnetic tape tracking and handling technology. This technology is required to understand how to gently transfer tape from one reel to another with proper alignment and a desirable uniform velocity at the read and write transducer heads. The increased demand for high data rate (i.e. multi-track spacecraft recording instrumentation systems), coupled with performance under extreme environmental conditions, requires a thorough knowledge of the various parameters which establish an optimum designed tape tracking and handling system. Stress analysis techniques are required to evaluate these parameters substantiated with test tape tracking data, to show the effect of each parameter on a tape recorder instrumentation tracking system. The technology is applicable to ground type tape recorders where the detrimental effects of edge guidance can be eliminated.