• Real Time Data Reduction and Analysis Using Artificial Neural Networks

      Dionisi, Steven M.; AFFTC (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1993-10)
      An artificial neural network (ANN) for use in real time data reduction and analysis will be presented. The use and advantage of hardware and software implementations of neural networks will be considered. The ability of neural networks to learn and store associations between different sets of data can be used to create custom algorithms for some of the data analysis done during missions. Once trained, the ANN can distill the signals from several sensors into a single output, such as safe/unsafe. Used on a neural chip, the trained ANN can eliminate the need for A/D conversions and multiplexing for processing of combined parameters and the massively parallel nature of the network allows the processing time to remain independent of the number of parameters. As a software routine, the advantages of using an ANN over conventional algorithms include the ease of use for engineers, and the ability to handle nonlinear, noisy and imperfect data. This paper will apply the ANN to performance data from a T-38 aircraft.