• Multiple Channel, Multiple Data Type, Rugged 8mm Recorder

      Harris, Kevin E.; Veda Incorporated (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1993-10)
      Low cost recording devices for telemetry and other data acquisition applications are of vital importance in light of today's shrinking budgets and project cut-backs. The desire to replace large, expensive, multi-channel recorders with smaller, less expensive recorders is becoming commonplace in government and industry. Many of these small recorders in the past have been limited to a single recording channel, and to one particular data type, due to recorder architectures. The 8 millimeter (8mm) tape cartridge recorder has been looked at in the past as a low cost recording device, however products utilizing this technology have been strictly limited in the number of channels, and data types. In response to this need, Veda has developed a new data acquisition recorder utilizing an 8mm recorder packaged in a small, flight qualified rugged enclosure with modular, and interchangeable, input channels. These microprocessor controlled inputs are capable of accepting PCM telemetry, MIL-STD-1553, voice, IRIG time, and ARINC 429/629 data. The new architecture allows for multiplexing of multiple channels onto the single channel tape medium as well as direct playback from the recorder for certain data types. This paper will discuss the recorder's architecture, design problems solved during development, and general capabilities.