• Integrated Satellite Control Open System Architecture Design Standards

      Holstein, Dennis K. (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1993-10)
      Design standards defined in this paper provide the framework to implement an open system architecture to achieve the interoperability requirements for integrated satellite control directed by USCINCSPACE. Ground segment space operations that implement these standards will provide the capability to eliminate the artificial barriers between mission unique ground systems that operate in a stove-pipe manner today. Through common support equipment and advanced workstations, operator cross training will become unnecessary. To implement interoperability, it is necessary to define standard physical, electrical, and communication interfaces and protocols, so components from different manufactures will operate together. Implementation of these standards tends to build on the natural infrastructure of today's satellite operation center and maximize the reuse of common user components for satellite control, mission payload operations and force management. The infrastructure concept uniquely blends the requirements for providing a single operator the capability to perform all tasks for these missions at a single workstation. Prototypes built and tested by the Air Force have demonstrated the feasibility and payoff of this design concept.