• Analysis of Frequency Stabilization and Modulation of Airborne Telemetry Transmitter

      Xizhou, Zhang; Jun, Yao; Xinan Electronic Engineering Institute (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1993-10)
      This paper analyzes the feature of frequency stability and modulation of airborne telemetry transmitters. According to the characteristic of telemetry information transmission, several methods for frequency stabilization and modulation are briefly compared. Emphasis is given to discuss frequency dividing phase- locked frequency modulation and on-off keying modulation and FM/on- off keying double modulation. With the view of raising frequency stability and modulation sensibility, extending the linear range of modulation, the contradiction between frequency stabilization and modulation should be coordinated properly. In addition, a compatible method between conventional telemetry channel and super fast signal telemetry channel is introduced. A satisfactory result has been acquired with those views and methods used in engineering application.