Roberts, Iris P.; Hancock, Thomas P.; TASC; RAJPO (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1990-11)
      TASC is currently developing for the GPS Range Applications Joint Program Office (RAJPO) the mission planner which will be used by test ranges procuring RAJPOdeveloped GPS test range instrumentation. Test Range User Mission Planner (TRUMP) is a user-friendly, PC-resident tool which aids in deploying and utilizing GPS-based test range assets. In addition to providing satellite/jammer visibility (for a Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) range map) and dilution-of-precision (DOP) information, TRUMP features: C Time history plots of time-space-position information (TSPI) C Performance based on a dynamic GPS/inertial system simulation C Time history plots of TSPI data link connectivity C DTED maps with user-defined cultural features C Two-dimensional coverage plots of ground-based test range assets. This paper will discuss TRUMP’s role on the test ranges and its current features. In addition, the functionality to be added during the next development phase will be presented.