• Accommodating Telemetry Data Acquisition Systems

      Shelley, Larry; McCauley, Bob; Computer Sciences Corporation (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1987-10)
      The Telemetry Systems Operation (TSO) of CSC in Lompoc, California, has been developing telemetry systems since October 1981. Three major turnkey systems have been developed as well as several smaller derivative systems. Each system, built for a different end-user, was custom fit to support unique requirements and often represented several different techniques for accommodating similar problems within different system architectures. This paper describes the evolution of TM system architectures developed by TSO Lompoc, and the special engineering problems solved in the course of their development to provide the user with accommodating telemetry systems that are responsive, expandable, and cost-effective.
    • Expert Systems in Data Acquisition

      McCauley, Bob; Telemetry Systems Operation (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1987-10)
      In an Independent Research and Development (IR&D) effort, the Telemetry Systems Operation (TSO) of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) sought to determine the feasibility of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques in a real-time processing environment. Specifically, the use of an expert system to assist in telemetry data acquisition processing was studied. A prototype expert system was implemented with the purpose of monitoring F15 Vertical Short Take Off and Landing (VSTOL) aircraft engine tests in order to predict engine stalls. This prototype expert system was implemented on a Symbolics 3670 symbolic processor using Inference Corporation's Artificial Reasoning Tool (ART) expert system compiler/generator. The Symbolics computer was connected to a Gould/SEL 32/6750 real-time processor using a Flavors, Inc. Bus Link for real-time data transfer.