• The Instrumentation Data Recorder in an Automatic Mode to Record and Reproduce Digital Data

      Nottley, G. C.; THORN-EMI Technology (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1987-10)
      The conventional IRIG Instrumentation Tape Recorder has two major disadvantages when used to record and reproduce digital data. Firstly it has a limited number of discrete tape speeds, and secondly the operator has to calculate and then set the tape speed to give the appropriate packing density or clock rate. The use of microprocessors has made it possible to take the majority of these calculations, and also the setting up of the recorder, out of the users hands. Also the tape speeds available are virtually continuous over the range 17/8 ips to 120 ips. There are other facilities available and this paper describes the operation and facilities of an instrumentation recorder which is almost totally automatic.