Anderson, William D.; Naval Air Test Center (International Foundation for Telemetering, 1986-10)
      The Naval Air Test Center, Range Directorate, has developed a Telemetry Relay Airborne Command System (TRACS) utilizing a Convair UC-880 aircraft. In its present configuration, the UC-880 can receive, record, and display telemetry data in real time; reshape and retransmit the telemetry data; act as a command center for TOMAHAWK cruise missile operations; provide radar range surveillance; remotely control instruments, cameras, emitters, and electronic countermeasures equipment on target hulks; provide inflight refueling of aircraft; process and display on CRT’s the maps of the area of operations and the missile profiles and tracks on the maps; and provide over-the-horizon target displays using a satellite communication system. This paper will present the development of the UC-880 TRACTS and the results of operations that utilized this system. The system characteristics, design constraints, and future plans will be discussed.